Sweet Freedom

1 : Farewell (8:26)
2 : Captives On The Planet Of Darkness (4:07)
3 : Memories (4:56)
4 : The Light Oh Hope (4:58)
5 : Power Of Will (8:40)
6 : Sweet Freedom (4:02)
All songs written by Octavian Teodorescu alias Octave

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The exaggerated technology had created a grave perturbation of the magnetic tide. Here, on the Knowledge Planet, the silver chords of life were about to vibrate for the last time. They were all ready to say FAREWELL. Only the Wise Man said: 'There is no death! There is only birth! We have died in another place to be born again here! We die here to be born in another place! Don't be afraid! Those who try to save their lives will lose them!'

Only a few people understood the meaning of these words and believed in them. The other men, terrified by the approach of the end, become
CAPTIVES ON THE PLANET OF DARKNESS, slaves of their own ignorance. In the painful darkness of slavery, the only happy moments that could bring happiness were only MEMORIES.

Only then, amoung the bitter tears of nostalgia, did the words of the Wise Man begin to have a real sense for them. The regret of life wasted in vain began to be kindled in their souls, frail at first, but very much alive,

At last, the chains of ignorance fall apart, the gates open up allowing the light to shine triumphantly in their eyes. They had understood. It was in their
POWER OF WILL to be free.

The Final Truth was in their own conscience. The advice was : Seek and you'll find! Blessed are those who seek! Blessed are those who find! Blessed are those who believe and can finally live in happiness to taste the holy

All of these were imagined by Octavian Teodorescu alias OCTAVE in the year 1994.