The Secret Of Pyramids

Octave - Secretul Piramidelor 1992OCTAVE - THE SECRET OF PYRAMIDS - 1992                                        

The war was over and the pale moonlight showed nothing but the remains of the former civilization. Mankind was back in a state of animality. Only in a forgotten cave there still lived The Three Philosophers, waiting for the salvation. THE EYES OF THE PLANET were sad and dreamy. Then came the Message. The Three Philosophers put themselves on road. An ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND was aproaching. The place had already been chosen: Egypt, the Pyramids.

The mob was guided there, too, by the lights in the sky. Fear and hope. Confusion. A thrill is rising from the crowd: they are coming! The ships are landing and open up to take away The Three Philosophers. The doors are closing and the ships take off. The Three Philosophers are flying now to the Centre of the Universe. It no more holds any secret for them, everything being viewed in their flight.

Their JOURNEY is reaching THE TOP OF THE KNOWLEDGE PYRAMID. Then they RETURN HOME. They see everything through different eyes and fully understand what has to be done for the Earth to become the Planet of Understanding again. PEACE is the key-word. Remembering the atomic disaster is enough for the ones coming home to become Apostles of Peace. In their vision, the future of the Earth depends now on bringing back to reason the last human individuals.Harmony is home again on the Blue Planet, this time for ETERNITY!

All of these were imagined by Octavian Teodorescu alias OCTAVE in the year 1992.