At The Gates Of Love

Children born in test tubes were growing to become male robots, whose main aim was to perfect their Ego through Knowledge. They knew everything except two things : Hate and Love. The Apostles of Peace , the ones who had remade the planet after the last atomic disaster, had wipped these two words from people's minds. Where was Love was Hate too. The inhabitants of the planet had never been able to separate these notions because of their selfish way of understanding. The ambiguous frame was generating new conflicts. The Apostles had chosen then the alternative of suppressing the two feelings instead of risking another atomic catastrophe. Thus many generations had succeeded in this way on the Knowledge Planet.

Among them all, only He, bored by the computer screen , was retiring in solitude, watching the sky incessantly through the branches of the trees, listening to the Calling. The Message was echoing clearer and clearer. There was only one solution to fill the emptiness felt in his soul. He takes off. He and the spaceship are travelling across the Universe, leaving behind plenty of galaxies which all seem to focus on a single point, showing a single direction:
TOWARDS PLUS INFINITE. Stars are dazzling Him, drawing Him to stop. But No. He will not stop untill He discovers the source of the irresistible call. The chords of the strange melody were amplifying. It was sounding strange but still familiar. The harmonies seemed to move the entire Universe. Something wrapped in rainbows and shining clouds stood out through the windows. That wonderful planet was the source. He had arrived.

Every single step is ment to arouse in Him new revelations. The planet looked a lot like the planet He had come from, but between the elements which composed that world existed a bond which He couldn't define, but which made Him feel happy at last. White, incandescent, the Planet of Love was pulsating and He was breathing its love through every pore in his body. On the shore of the Ocean He sees the immense stone wall breaking, and a warm light floods his eyes. He understood that He was

The attraction of that light begins to master all his senses with a magnetic power. He must touch it at any cost. He begins to climb the stairs which lead to it. Now,
THERE IS ONE MORE STEP TO CLIMB, only one more step. But the light is fading away. He climbs. He is so close again. He feels its beneficial warmth but He can't touch it. The struggle exhausts Him. He makes a last effort and his hand falls unconscious over the steps, remaining bathed in the miraculous ray. Without the posibility of consciously experiencing the happiness of this moment, he had captured the Energy.

The Knowledge Planet, back in present times. Apparently, everything looks like before: perfect and cold. But No. Now, in people's hearts, burns
THE FLAME OF LOVE. Puzzled, He is wondering. But it was true: he had lit it. Why Him? He's dreaming... A white, incandescent planet. He lives AGAIN these moments, finding the answer: He was the Chosen One. The Voice of the Destiny cuts through his dream like a guillotine. He, the one who gave so much love to his brothers, was doomed to loneliness for the rest of his life.

Sad and lonely, again and again, He looks from the shore through the branches of the trees at the starlit sky, having a single joy in his soul: People's Happiness. The echo of his dreams had remained somewhere in the Universe, on a planet known only by Him, from where Someone, every time in nights like this, sprinkles only in his soul
DROPS OF SERENITY, to show that his love still exists.

All of these were imagined by Octavian Teodorescu alias OCTAVE in the year 1993.