They Used To Call Him The Dreamer

1 : They Used To Call Him The Dreamer (4:59)
2 : The Fly Of The First Steps (5:39)
3 : Defeating The Fear Of The Unknown (3:26)
4 : The Certainty Of The Miracle Of Being (4:39)
5 : The Light Of The Promised Future (3:37)
6 : Only Forever (3:16)
7 : To Be Or Not To Be (6:05)
8 : The Generation Of Hapiness (2:28)
9 : The Power Of Flowers (2:09)
10 : A Sing On The Sky Of Your Thought (4:42)
All songs written by Octavian Teodorescu alias Octave
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THEY USED TO CALL HIM THE DREAMER. Many times, his eyes were gazing in the search of THE FLY OF THE FIRST STEPS.

In the labyrinth of his obsessed thoughts there was only one path to follow:
DEFEATING THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. The balance of his restless spirit could stand still only by THE CERTAINTY OF THE MIRACLE OF BEING.

People kept on blaming him for dispising those who were cutting short
THE LIGHT OF THE PROMISED FUTURE and because he knew to love in a single way: ONLY FOREVER.

His will hid powers nobody would have dreamt about. He was able to turn anyone of his dreams into reality, a reality that was coveted by many of those for whom the future was treasured in the sparkling but cold gold of the material world. In spite of their insatisfaction he kept on dreaming flowers, a lot of flowers.

One day,
TO BE OR NOT TO BE was no longer a question without answer for those surrounding him. Physically, he was just an icon, but the flowers of his dreams had already been scattered all over the Universe. There was no planet, no solar system, no galaxy where the smell of these flowers woudn't float into the air of consciousness.

Them, those who in most of the cases, only pretended to understand him, were now
THE GENERATION OF HAPPINESS, a generation that belived thoroughly in THE POWER OF FLOWERS.

All of these were written and especially created, in order to be a
SIGN ON THE SKY OF YOUR THOUGHT and to belive in the power of flowers of the one who was called The Dreamer.

All of these were imagined by Octavian Teodorescu alias OCTAVE in the year 1996.