The Only One

OCTAVE - THE ONLY ONE - 1999 (unfinished)

1 : The Only One (4:02)
2 : I Know Everything ... But (3:40)
3 : Mistery Of Life (3:33)
4 : The Way, The Truth And The Life (3:06)
5 : Look Towards The Sky (3:38)

All songs written by Octavian Teodorescu alias Octave

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End Task ! The program closes leaving the screen white as an unwritten sheet of paper. Now, when the sounds of music stopped reflecting on the studio's walls, the surrounding silence released a storm of questions without answer on his conscience. He couldn't comprehend ! He was THE ONLY ONE ! The only one on the planet who could say: "I KNOW EVERYTHING ... BUT" doubt began penetrating his soul like waters crumbling the slippery border of an out of bed river. All the questions seemed to concretize more and more in only one, essential.

It was dawning. The first morning rays passing through the blue window . He was the only one who had had the huge will to quelch the thirst of knowledge at all knowledge springs. Still he was missing something. An equation appearing to be the key of the whole system remained unsolved . The question's gtavitation started to dominate his conscience. How could he lacked something so important ? Just now he was realizing the long way of knowledge had to start actually with this question.

Fingers ran nervous on the buttons and the whiteness of the screen was broken by the letters of the question :
MYSTERY OF LIFE ? The program was meaningless scanning the net. All servers answers were unsatisfactory. The question remained on the white screen as he put his head in his hands, frustrated. When he wanted to close the computer and walk away, he saw under the question on the screen few lines written with some strange fonts with wich, what the hell ! - he understood. That was the answer. An enormous joy mixed with a hard comprehensive regret flooded his being for the moment. Could it have been so simple ? He rapidly went through the whole knowkedge of hid life and it was true. It was all there. He wanted to identify the source of the answer but the result was always the same: unidentified.

The next impusle was to share the revelation with his friends. He started suddenly to type an e-mail , but he observed on the screen the same strange fonts instead of common letters. " It's obvious, it's damaged", he said to himself. He put on his jacket and burst on the streets towards the Academy. Everything seemed different. He was disgusted to see everything bustling around. It all seemed pointless. He got there, his head and his eyes stopped on the screen. He tapped his personal access code, but on the screen the same strange fonts appeared. "Access denied. Unindentified password !" the screen suddenly said. He should have heard the voice of the electronic guardian, but a heavy silence took over his ears. The excitement hasn't let him realize that before.

Dumb, with his hands in his pocket, he went back on the streets. He went few aquintances nearby. Impatient, he directed his steps towards them to share the news.He started to talk , but they looked at him puzzled , not understanding anything he was saying. They turned theyr back on him, smilling over the shoulder, pitifull. Sad, heavy steps, after wondering around all day long, he went to the studio door. An old neighbor, curious as she was, come into right on the stairway. He asked whether anyone looking for him, being used to her shoulders rising and stereotype answer : "Nobody". She now seemed to say more, but he just watched her lips and hands moving, not understanding anything.

He went inside and sat in front of the opened window, watching the last rays gone through the branches of the trees peeled by cold autumn winds A far voice echoed in his numb conscience:" Now you are the only one! You are indeed the only mortal knowing everything. But this knowledge has it's price. You don't phisically belong to this world anymore. You'll find it hard to bear this burden, but you have to withstand. From now on your life goes only one way. The way of telling the ones around you the truth. For this you have been left only one way." The message ended at once, leaving only three words floating like an echo:
THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. Where has he heard that before ? It sounded so familiar. The way ?... He knew Life and the Truth. But what was the Way ? The gloomy shadow of silence spreaded around. He raise his LOOK TOWARDS THE SKY watching the wild duks swallowed one by one by the vanishing horizon. What a pity ! He was never to hear their scream again.

It was already dark, the sky full of twinkling pieces of stars. He just couldn't get enough of it. Life was beautiful, anyway. But sad...sadder and sadder from now on. Would 've been better not to know the Truth ? But the Way ? What was the Way ? He turned his head and his eyes stopped on the screen. Frozen, a score not even begun layed on the screen. Excited, still trustful, he aproached the computer, key G, and then the notes. They spreaded on the score like a river, now calm, now whirling. He finished few lines, then pressed the "START" button again. The harmonies filled up the room. It seemed music was building it's way to the opened window towards the old, far sparkle of the stars. A wave of happiness lighted his eyes like a laser. He had found the Way ! It was definately the only one left for him: Music. Over it, he could hear the neighbor's nervous beating on the ceiling, while the light signal of the door bell was chaotically twinkling. An old friend passed by to see him. Without a word. the friend sat down, loosing as he was being bewitched by the pouring sounds. From this one's smile, he realized the guy comprehended. Was it possible ?

All of these were imagined by Octavian Teodorescu alias OCTAVE in the year 1998.