Page 408 Octave Octav Teodorescu (Authors: Daniela Caraman Fotea, Cristi Nicolau)Editura Humanitas ISBN 973-50-0355-4 Year: 2003
2000-01 Article: Let's put us a plug into the brain (Author: Dan Mircea Cipariu)

1996-11 Article: They Used To Call Him The Dreamer
1998-03 Article: Octave on internet

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Carusel - Magazine
1995-03-18 Article: In a musical retrospection of Octave & Poster
1996-11-20 Article: A dreamer in the style electronic symphonic rock & Poster (Author: Iulian Ignat)
1996-12-14 Article: Octave and a single philosophy - The Rock Music
1998-01-25 Article: One Octave Videoclip on the internet (Author: T.C.Z)

1999-09 Article: I'm all day long on the internet (Author: Ema Ofițeru)

1996-10-04 Article: The story of a dreamer (Author: Loredana Tudor)
1996-11-15 Article: Octave

1996-11-20 Article: A new Octave Album or They used to call Octavian Teodorescu the dreamer (Author: Loredana Tudor)
1999-05-15 Article: Octave launches today a CD-ROM at "Muzica Gallerys"

1998-07-24 Article: Knowledge and Communication on Web

1999-05-14 Article: Octave on internet and mobile (Author: D.M.)
1999-05-20 Article: Freeze Frame - Octave on internet (Author: C.P. Petru)

1995-03-24 Article: Octave a double CD with 102 minutes of rock music (Author: Horațiu Tudor)

1995-06-09 Article: Octavian Teodorescu's CD's will be selled on the Japan Market (Author: Florian Gheorghe)
1995-10-17 Article: A star every day Octavian Teodorescu (Author: Diana Georgescu)
1999-05-15 Article: Tomorow will be launched - Free Music Online (Author: Alex Revenco)
1999-05-16 Article: "Free Music Online" CD-ROM (Author: L.S.)
1999-09 Article: Octave only on internet (Author: Diana Popescu)

1997-07-12 Article: Score XX Century Octave - Octavian Teodorescu One of the most prolific composer of the new wave (Author: Rocker)
1997-07-19 Article: I don't make music, I sensitize consciousnesses I (Author: Rocker)
1997-07-26 Article: I don't make music, I sensitize consciousnesses II (Author: Rocker)

1991-10-02 Article: Octave's strenghts (Author: Cristian Botez)

Mondo Magazin - Magazine

1998-04-01 Article: They Used To Call Him The Dreamer (Author: Carmen Ciulacu)

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1991-10-01 Article: Rock is the oxygen that I agree with (Author: Orlanda Deladi)

1992-11-06 Article: Top 10 Rock
1993-04-19 Article: Top 10 Rock
1993-10 Article: Top 10 Rock
1993-10 Article: Top Tinerama
1993-10 Article: Top National Fan Radio
1993-10 Article: Top Rock inside
1993-10 Article: Top Rock inside
1993-12-03 Article: Octave was to be trampled by autographs fans
1994-02-01 Article: L.P.-ul anului
1997-04-07 Article: In my subconscious there is a large database and artistic messages (Author: Marian Deaconu)
1997-07 Article: Octave the flag of our rock music (Author: Marian Deaconu)

Popcorn - Magazine 

1995-07 Poster
1996-12 Article: Octave The Slogan of his new album is women motors computers (Author: Radu Groza)
1998-01 Article: Octave another vanguard artist (Author: Radu Groza)

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1998-04 Article: Internet show

CD-ROM & Folder Poster Project Free Music Online

1999-04-15 Octave Multimedia Pleading